We provide Recording services of your events like marriages, parties, tournaments, public gathering from our virtual server. It overcomes your problem of copyright claim of youtube.

For Example: You have a edited video of a marriage ceremony that includes all songs so your video will be blocked from Youtube because of copyrights. we provide you the solution for that problem you can watch these videos from our virtual server.

It have so many benefits:

  1.  Video will be accessible to you every time and you just need internet to watch that video.
  2. Video is password protected hence your data will be confidential.
  3. No need to provide different copies of DVDs or Pen Drives.
  4. Its is accessible for many user simultaneously.
  5. It is also a Add on service for Photographers to their clients.
  6. Choose just who can (or can’t) see your videos with privacy options.

  7.  No ads: We’ll never put ads before, during, after, or on on top your videos.

  8. Flexible storage options means you never need to worry about running out of space.
  9. Host your videos in the highest quality possible.